Sultry Lash Services

The House Call

Let us bring our lash services to you. Enjoy our lash extension service in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. We serve the wide Los Angeles area and work for your comfort, give us a call – 323.630.3156 or send us an email to set up an appointment.

For examples of the looks below trot over to Our Work; seeing is believing!


Lash Extension Styles


A lightweight set of lashes designed for our ‘newbies’. This is just a taste of the lash world, but with caution.

  • Silk – $120
  • Mink – $140
  • Sable – $150
  • 100% Real Mink – $170
SEXY DOLL: Natural Set

Open your Eyes! Perfect for flirting and fluttering, this set of lashes is shorter at the corners of your eyes and longer over the middle, enhancing the illusion of larger, wider, oh-so-innocent eyes.

  • Silk – $150
  • Mink – $160
  • Sable – $180
  • 100% Real Mink – $200

*most requested set* 

A conservative set that gives you the natural look and makes others wonder what’s different about you. Perfect for those who are drawn to the glamorous, alluring lashes and their inspiration but not ready for the sassiness.

  • Silk – $160
  • Mink – $170
  • Sable – $180
  • 100% Real Mink – $190

This set speaks for itself. Very full, but still gorgeous & natural looking lashes! Bye-bye mascara! Wear them with confidence and leave a lashing impression!

    • Silk – $180
    • Mink – $190
    • Sable – $200
    • 100% Real Mink – $220
CAT'S CORNER: Natural OR Full Set

A unique style that is applied at the outer corners making your eyes more intriguing. Designed to give that cat-eye look that many women desire. *Coupons Do Not Apply*

  • Silk – $75
  • Mink – $80
  • Sable – $85
  • 100% Real Mink – $100

Bottom lashes are a great service to get before a big event or photo shoot. they are sure to take your confidence and wow factor up a notch.

  • Silk – $50
    • Refill – $25

Who said men cannot have enhancement also? Not us. This style does not take away the masculinity, but adds that look of confidence that every man deserves. Our professional lash artist will customize a style that is appropriate for men. We have lighter colored lashes (brown, light brown, etc…) that won’t create that mascara look that majority of our females recommend. Remember, extensions are practically undetectable, so no one even has to know.

  • Silk – $150

Touch Ups | Refills

Refills are recommended every 2 weeks to maintain a full look.

  • Silk – $65
  • Mink – $70
  • Sable – $75
  • 100% Real Mink – $80

*Note: 50% of your lashes have to be intact for it to be considered a refill. Clients who return with less than 50% will be charged for a full-set.

**Transfer Clients: Clients that have had lashes applied by another company, please note that because we do not know the state of your current set of lashes, there will be a one-time transfer fee to ensure that we have enough time to properly fix any existing lashes, plus apply our regular refill.